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The Granfield Branch [07 Nov 2010]
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File Information - (Read 9 user comments - Log in to leave a comment!)
Description:The Granfield Branch - A Route for the UKTrainSim Railworks Route Building Challenge, October 2010

Please turn Word Wrap on

Installation: Extract the zip archive to a convenient location on your PC and install using the Railworks Package manager. The only additional download required to run this route is the RSC Asset Pack 01, available free from Steam.

The Granfield Branch is a fictional route based loosely on the railways radiating from Banbury in the early 1960s. The mainline station at which the route originates, Setterfield, is a fictional interpretation of the ex-GWR Banbury General station, and incorporates a four platform station, locomotive depot and sizeable marshalling yard located on the Western Region mainline from Paddington to Birmingham Snow Hill. A short section of the former LNWR route from Banbury Merton Street to Verney Junction, and subsequently Bletchley, diverges from the ex-Great Western lines south of the station, and a small section of the private Britannia Works tramway is included also.

The main focus of the route is on a branch line some seven miles in length linking Setterfield with the fictional market town of Granfield, serving the villages and hamlets of Elmtree, Inchcombe, Thenhill and Culford along the way. This branch line is based on, and follows the route of the former Great Central Railway connecting line that ran from Woodford Halse and Culworth Junction to Banbury. The layout of Granfield station is modelled on the LNWR terminus at Banbury Merton Street previously mentioned, though relocated to a fictional settlement that also features a junction connecting the branch to the ex-GC mainline. Also served by the route is the Oxfordshire Ironstone quarry at Weedon. Again, this is a fictional creation, though based upon the privately owned and operated Oxfordshire Ironstone Railway that ran for several miles roughly northwest from Banbury until its closure in 1967.

The route represents a short, rural branchline in its twilight years before the Beeching cull, and features a variety of through and local passenger and freight traffic. The route was built in one calendar month in October 2010 within a limit of 24 tiles, and uses only default assets and those found in RSC's Asset Pack 1, available free from Steam. The only exceptions to this are the station signs custom made by Derek Siddle (RSDerek), who deserves a huge round of thanks for his supports of all the participants in the Route Building Challenge. Thanks must also go to Geoff Potter (Acorncomputer) for organising the challenge and Jim Nobbs (Nobkins) for the use of RWDecal, and to everyone who has commented upon the route as it has progressed. Finally, I must thank everyone who has posted images of their own routes to UKTS; your work continues to be an inspiration to anybody aspiring to route building in Railworks.
I have immensely enjoyed building this route, and I hope that it provides some pleasure to those who download it.

Please do not redistribute this route to other sites without my prior permission. Any modifications to the route are restricted to your own personal use.


Free Roam: Granfield in Autumn
Free Roam: Setterfield in Summer

Pick any train and explore the route freely

Introduction to the Granfield Branch

Take a "guided tour" of the route and acquaint yourself with places of interest. Driven locomotive: BR Class 5MT "Black 5". Approx. 30 minutes.

Market Day Medley

Assemble a mixed freight train at Granfield and drive it to Setterfield for the weekly market, collecting additional wagons along the way. Driven locomotive: BR Class 7F. Approx. 60 minutes.

Shunting in a Winter Wonderland

Shunt wagons in Setterfield Yard before hauling a train of empties to Weedon Quarry. Driven locomotive: BR Class 5MT "Black 5". Approx. 45 minutes.

There & Back Again

Take a stopping passenger service from Setterfield to Granfield and back. Driven locomotive: BR Class 5MT "Black 5". Approx. 60 minutes.

Who Shot Dr Beeching?

A "what if?" scenario. Drive a local passenger train from Quinn's Hill Tunnel to Setterfield calling at all stations. Driven train: Network Southeast Class 166 DMU. Approx. 25 minutes.

Known Issues

There is some inconsistency with signal operations. I recommend you disable the "Exit on SPAD" option and press tab when approaching any signal set to danger.

At the time of uploading station signs have not been completed; these will be added to the route at a later date.

As per the rules of the Challenge, track and scenery are confined to an area no greater than 24 tiles. Beyond this limit only foliage and water assets have been placed over moulded and painted terrain as the rules of the Challenge permit.
Steve Cunningham, October 2010
Uploader:FoggyMorning (Steve Cunningham) - More from this uploader
File ID:25169
Download Count:2117
File Size:6.59 Mb (6,915,148 bytes)
Operating Company: - More in this Company
File Type:Route - More of this File Type
Gauge:UK Standard
Class:The Granfield Branch - More of this Class
Country:United Kingdom - More in this country
3D Model Author:N/A
Skin Author:N/A
Cab Author:N/A
Sound Author:N/A

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