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LNWR_50x9ft_NCC_Cove_Lavatory_v1 [05 Apr 2017]
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Description:These coaches are uploaded in support of train simulation, and MSTS in particular.

For sound the coaches require Jeff Ashton's UKSteamTrack - Part 1 - Bogie Coaches Enhanced Sound - UKTS File ID 2807.

The 50ft x 9ft wide non-corridor coaches with cove roofs and lavatory facilities were built as suburban stock circa 1904. They were typically used on London to Rugby and London to Northampton services.

They were also used in Manchester-Windermere sets, Manchester-Caernavon sets and Manchester-Llandudno sets in combination with 54ft x 9ft wide non-corridor coaches with elliptical roofs and lavatory facilities. I may be able to upload additional consists at a later date?

The coaches have been modelled using the following references:-
- L&NWR NON-CORRIDOR COACHES (1886-1923 excluding the 30ft 1in 6 wheelers) by Philip Millard and Ian Tattersall
- L&NWR 30ft 1in SIX-WHEELED CARRIAGES by Philip Millard
- LNWR CARRIAGES (A Concise History) by David Jenkinson
- A Register of WEST COAST JOINT STOCK by Richard Casserley and Philip Millard
- LNWR LIVERIES by Edward Talbot, Philip Millard, George Dow and Peter Davis

There is one trainset folder for both services and includes the following coaches :-

- LNWR Diagram D102 First Lavatory (FL)
- LNWR Diagram D153 Composite Lavatory (CL)
- LNWR Diagram D276 Third Lavatory (TL)
- LNWR Diagram D325 Brake Third Lavatory (BTL)
- LNWR Diagram D326 Brake Third Lavatory (BTL)

I have included both Chain and Auto versions. The included consists have LNWR engines as created by Brian Beere-Streeter and downloaded from UKTS, namely UKTS36114. There should shortly be an MSTS route suitable to run these, although my own belief is that any stock can be run on any route, so to all intents and purposes the world's your oyster!!!! I have included a total of 3 consists/formations to represent the actual sets as noted below:-

Euston to Rugby (out of 4 sets)
- LNWR_50x9_NCC_Cove_Eus_Rugby_1
- LNWR_50x9_NCC_Cove_Eus_Rugby_2
Euston to Northampton (the only set used)
- LNWR_50x9_NCC_Cove_Eus_Northtn

The coaches are not exact models, but in my opinion are a good representation of these coaches circa 1910-1915, which is the date that I have based the numbering on. Where relevant I have modelled the coaches as Thirds, although they were originally built as Third, Second and Composite (Second and Third). Second class was phased out from about this time and hence my decision to only use Third.I have used the typical alpha denominations for defining the coaches, which again may not be truly prototypical.

The numbers on the enclosed coaches are from the 1910 renumbering - details are available from the above references. A number of these coaches lasted into LMS days, and some even into British Railways times.


1 ..... Extract this zip file to a safe place on your PC.

2 ..... Locate and open your copy of MSTS.

3 ..... Locate and open the TRAINS folder.

4 ..... Copy and paste the "Trainset" and "Consists" folders from this zip into the TRAINS folder.

5 ..... This should now allow you to drive the LNWR coach sets along any of the lines within your "Routes" folder.


This model is released as freeware, and can be repainted/renumbered based on the following conditions:-

a = You must give credit to myself in any development and retain this Readme in any repackaging of the models.

b = No charge may be made for this archive other than that to cover the cost of its distribution.

c = Please e-mail myself ( just to let me know if you are making use of the model to repaint/re-skin. I am always interested in any further developments.

d = My rights and wishes concerning this archive must be respected.

e = By installing this folder you agree that I am not liable for any damage it may cause to your computer and/or your MSTS installation.

If you have any problems or questions please let me know at the email address above.

Alec Ralph (Rufuskins) - April 2017
Uploader:rufuskins (Alec Ralph) - More from this uploader
File ID:36711
Download Count:73
File Size:4.53 Mb (4,753,359 bytes)
Operating Company:LNWR - More in this Company
File Type:Passenger Coach - More of this File Type
Gauge:UK Standard
Class:LNWR - More of this Class
Country:United Kingdom - More in this country
3D Model Author:Alec Ralph (Rufuskins) - More by this author
Skin Author:Alec Ralph (Rufuskins) - More by this author
Cab Author:N/A
Sound Author:N/A

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