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Subscribing to UKTrainsim.COM

Subscription?! It's not FREE???
Nope, and rather than repeat all my other discussion on this topic I'll invite you to read the File Library FAQ as I've put a discussion in there about why we charge subscription. If you still have any (nicely worded) comments then please feel free to drop me a mail!

There's a lot going on by supporting this site by subscription - a lot more than you might think. By subscribing to the site you are not only helping to keep this site going and pushing it from strength to strength you are also letting companies like Microsoft, Abacus and JustTrains know that people are prepared to spend money on this genre. As we all would prefer everything to be free, if companies can't see any interest from the public in spending money they will focus their efforts elsewhere.

Your support of this site means that we are establishing very positive relationships with these publishers, allowing us to offer reviews, previews, product announcements and even competitions with prizes donated by the publishers.

Can you email me xyz file? Or if I mail you a CD can you fill it with [big list]?
Sorry but the short answer is no. I won't email the files to you because that goes out across the exact same bandwidth that UKTrainsim uses so I'll still get to pay by the megabyte to send you the file by email - and worse, since attachments blow the size of the file up by another half on top it'd end up costing me more to mail it to you than just give everyone free access to the site :)

The CD issue is a bit more complicated. The first problem is my time, I just don't have very much of it and what time I do get I would much rather spend working on the web site. The second hurdle is the rights of the authors - quite a while back I went to a number of the busier authors and asked for their opinions on an ad-hoc CD burning service where users could tick boxes for files they want and have them mailed on a CD. Most authors were a bit concerned about the idea and a couple specifically said they would not approve of such a distribution method, preferring all their files to be available for download only, so I must respect that.

On the up-side, we are working with the authors to produce special CD's, the current one is Tim Court's Fictional ECML route, which has been ordered over 150 times so far. We are trying to put together another CD full of loco's, coaches and wagons - but these will be set content CD's where all the authors have been approached and permission has been gained for the files to go on to the CD.

This site, and indeed this new Train Simulation genre, exist in the marvelous form that they do because of the work of the model, route, texture, activity and so forth authors and I take their wishes and requests very seriously indeed.

Do I need an AtomIC/UKTrainsim account before I subscribe?
YES! You must have created a free account first, otherwise we have nothing to which we can apply the Premium Membership! If you're looking at this screen before you have created an account, go create one now by clicking the link under the LOG IN box above.

How do I know if I am subscribed?
When you are subscribed you will no longer see any of the generic (and annoying) banner advertising. We may still show selected banners from highly related companies such as Abacus or JustTrains but these will always be non-interfering and most definitely not any form of pop-up, pop-down, pop-over, pop-whatever :)

In place of the banner advert box you will now see the text "Premium Access!" - when you can see that you are definitely being treated by the server as fully subscribed!

What do I get for subscribing?
No generic banners as described above and completely unlimited access to the File Library any time that you like. That means you can download whatever you like, whenever you like, and as much as you like.

We will also be adding some subscriber only features to the site in the future though at this point in time there are no such features.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We can accept Credit Card and UK Debit Card payments in Pounds, Euro or US dollars via WorldPay:

To subscribe by Credit Card CLICK HERE

What happens when you pay via World Pay?
You will be redirected to the WorldPay web site to take your payment information (we never see any of your credit card details). Once the payment has been accepted WorldPay will forward you back to our web site to let us know that you have paid.

What Currencies?
We can accept US Dollars, UK Pounds and Euro's converted at the current days exchange rate - the price you see is the price that will be billed to you. For Euros or Dollars you must use the Credit Card payment method. The price will be shown to you at WorldPays pages.

We can also accept Cheques or Postal Orders in UK Sterling ONLY, made payable to AtomIC Systems IP Ltd, the details are as follows:

  • 3.00 for 1 month
  • 11.75 for 6 months
  • 20.00 for 12 months

    The postal address is:

    AtomIC Systems IP Ltd
    24 Ash Road
    IP14 3HB

    Cheques and Postal Orders should be made payable to Atomic Systems IP Ltd.

    Please remember that if you mail a cheque or postal order that you must include your username so that we know who to apply the subscription to :)

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    Atomic Systems can be contacted at should you need to contact us for any reason.
    Nothing on this site may be reproduced without prior written permission of atleast one director of Atomic Systems IP Ltd.

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