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Review: The CC6500 Pack + T.A.C
Developer: Sylium, Publisher: Sylium
Reviewed By Peter Peddlesden
Date: 1 December 2002

This loco / stock pack was tested and reviewed on the 'Just Trains TGV Route'

Note: If you downloaded and purchased Version 1 of this add-on, please revisit the Sylium website and download the FREE UPGRADE to Version 1.2, you will need your original install key to complete the installation.

CC6507 Cab Left View CC6507 Cab Forward View CC6507 Cab Right View CC6507 Cab Night View

The pack is purchased online direct from Sylium and you get it in a 40Mb download. The Version 1.2 FREE UPGRADE is a further 23Mb download.

Contained in the Version 1 pack:

Sylium CC6500 + TAC content

1 Loco CC 6507
1 Loco CC 6554
1 Loco CC 6572
5 different B10c10ux sleeping car
1 restaurant car Vru DEV AO
2 different VlAb T2 sleeping car
2 wagons of cars transportation DD St SNCF
Photo realistic textures
Transparent windows
Full 3d interior and driver on board!
Passenger interior view
Two way lights and Panto flash!
Animated wipers
Photo realistic conductor cabin!
Specials Loco sounds

CC6507 Side on view CC6549 in its distictive Maurienne Livery CC6554 Side on View CC6572 with 2 of the Poste Stock

The Update pack to Version 1.2 content

Many corrections for the cabin control
New sound system
New Eng file configuration
Pantograph hight fixed
New wheels modelisation
More details in the Doc file

1 more CC6549 ( Maurienne livery )

CC6572 Cab Left View CC6572 Cab Forward View CC6572 Cab Right View CC6507 Cab Night View
The Locos

Despite the fact that the 3 CC6500 series (6507,6554 and 6572) all look the same on first viewing, take a closer look, there are subtle differences both on the outside and the inside of the cabs of the locos. The addition in V1.2 of the Maurienne liveried 6549 again adds another variant to the loco shed with its variations to the other three.

CC6554 Cab Left View CC6554 Cab Forward View CC6554 Cab Right View CC6554 Cab Night View

The Stock - Sleepers

There are 5 variants of the B10c sleeper car and the passenger view (Key 5) gives you a full 360 degree swing inside and ouside of the sleeper car. There is 1 restaurant car in red and cream and there are 2 V1a sleeper cars. Good quality textures on all vehicles. One additional item not mentioned in the release is the inclusion of the bright orangey yellow 'Poste' car.

The Stock - Car Transporters

There are 2 different car transporters usually attached to the rear of the train. Useful for the activity guys to make up car transporter trains.

B10c Sleeper Cars The Poste Vehicle Car Transporter 1 Car Transporter 2

There are a number of additions to this pack that make it a quality add-on pack, especially for those simmers into French Railways.

1. The extra sounds that Sylium have included in this pack: A ticking clock in the cab, the incredible whine and hum of the traction equipment, the squeals from the wheels if you brake hard.

2. The introduction of Night Cabs. These are oustanding. Set yourself up with the night cab, grab yourself a cup of coffee, select the time of your journey for 21:00, turn the lights out in your room, turn on the headlights and WOW, this is Night Driving at its best.

3. Sylium have used the pantograph flash, but have used it wisely and sparingly which adds to the effect without it becoming tiresome and boring.

The DEV Restaurant Car B10 Sleeper Internal View CC6549 headon view showing off the Maurienne livery and the driver within The V1a Sleeper Car

This is an extremely well thought out pack with some well chosen locos and rolling stock. If you want high quality SNCF locos and stock then this is a MUST HAVE for your collection.

CC6549 Cab Left View CC6549 Cab Forward View CC6549 Cab Right View CC6549 Cab Night View

Overall score:


Scottish Central PLUS




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