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UKTS Route Builders Challenge for RailWorks (2)

Geoff Potter followed up the previous years Route Builders Challenge with a new one in 2010, designed to encourage people to think differently than the previous year by constraining the route to a maximum number of times; the goal is quality over quantity.

Some of the key rules of the 2010 competition were:

  • All routes must have their own route template and loading screen and these can be set up before the Challenge starts. My own route template tutorial should help with this or you can use RW Tools or there are other tutorials around to help. You do not have to do this yourself so you could enlist the help of someone else if you wish or you can ask for help on the Route Building Challenge 2 forum. You can also raise terrain using DEM data if you wish before the Challenge starts but please do not do any more than that. Do not place any route or other markers please until the Challenge starts.

  • The most important point here is that you can do most of the initial route preparation before the Challenge starts but you cannot place any track or scenery. You are asked to try and stick to this point so that all Challengers start building from empty routes.

  • You can use route building aids, such as RWDecals if you wish, but all trace of decals and other aids must be removed from the route before finishing it.

  • The route must be contained on a set number of route tiles - the limit is 24. The tile format can be seen in any route by clicking on the tile visibility button in the bottom left fly-out window and when you know how many you can use you can mark out a route area of any shape so long as that shape contains no more tiles than the number allowed.

  • The whole track and scenery must be contained within the tile limit area although you do not have to use all of the tiles that you have available. You can raise hills, valleys, etc outside of your tile area and you can place just foliage there if you wish as well to flesh out the route in the distance, but all track and non-foliage assets must be within the maximum permitted tile area. You can also use terrain textures outside of the permitted number of tiles if you wish.

  • The theme of the Challenge is to try and create detailed routes with a number of activity areas, but you are free to build whatever you like within the rules, real or fictional.

  • You are only allowed to use default Assets in this Challenge with a couple of exceptions. For the purposes of this Challenge, default assets will be enabled by ticking the whole Kuju developer folder in your route object set filter and also the RSDL/Foliage01 sub folder. Everyone with an updated version of RailWorks will have these folders.

    There are three other folders that form part of the default assets being Castlerock/Scenery, EisenbahnwerkRW and GermanRailroadsRW. You can use the default assets contained in these folders but not any other assets that may have been installed in these folders from other sources.

    The only other developer folder to be ticked will be your own developer folder for the route template.

    Even if you are able to create your own assets, these cannot be included in your Challenge route. If you want to enhance the route, then create an updated version of the route after the Challenge using your own and third party assets as you wish.

    You cannot use any re-skins of default scenery for the Challenge route.

  • As a concession to add interest to the Challenge Routes, Challengers will be able to create their own Station Signs and distribute these with their routes. For those that cannot create their own signs, Derek Siddle and myself (Geoff Potter) will be happy to create signs for Challengers that can be uploaded with their routes. These signs will be created during the Challenge in time to be placed in the finished routes and uploaded with them. Watch the Challenge News Thread for more details on how to request signs.

  • You will be required to include a least one scenario lasting about 20 minutes. If you are not experienced with scenario creation then this could take up a lot of your route building time so as a concession, you can get help with this or even ask someone else to create one for your route. This all has to be done before the close of the Challenge though.

The Prizes for this challenge were as follows:

First Place
Click to view more informationNetherfield [13721703 bytes] -
File ID: 25171 Date: 07 Nov 2010 - 1884 Downloads
  • UKTrainSim : A two year premium subscription for the overall winner.
  • : 5 Download Content from the RailWorks Steam Catalogue
Second Place
Click to view more informationThe Granfield Branch [6915148 bytes] -
File ID: 25169 Date: 07 Nov 2010 - 2116 Downloads
  • UKTrainSim : A one year premium subscription to the second place
  • : 3 DLC
Third Place
Click to view more informationYeovil Back from the Past [47744871 bytes] -
File ID: 25177 Date: 07 Nov 2010 - 2536 Downloads
  • UKTrainSim : A one year premium subscription to the third place
  • : 1 DLC
Fourth Place
Click to view more informationAln Valley Railway V1 for Railworks 2 [4551842 bytes] -
File ID: 25156 Date: 07 Nov 2010 - 2183 Downloads
  • A six month subscription to each of the fourth and fifth places
Fifth Places
Click to view more information [ bytes] -
File ID: Date: 01 Jan 1970 -  Downloads
  • A six month subscription to each of the fourth and fifth places
For all Challengers
  • Jim Nobbs : A free licence for RW Decal will be available to all Challengers who would like one. Available from the 1st October 2010. Details on how to apply will follow.
For all authors of submitted valid entries
  • UKTrainSim : An additional two months premium subscription to all successful and compliant entries.
Click to view more informationHildorne Colliery Railway [5579400 bytes] -
File ID: 25176 Date: 07 Nov 2010 - 1468 Downloads
Click to view more informationSourton Down [1542914 bytes] -
File ID: 25175 Date: 07 Nov 2010 - 546 Downloads
Click to view more informationPiccallily [2903662 bytes] -
File ID: 25165 Date: 07 Nov 2010 - 1268 Downloads
Click to view more informationSoldier Summit [24749266 bytes] -
File ID: 25172 Date: 07 Nov 2010 - 1395 Downloads
Click to view more informationKanturk - Newmarket [5717747 bytes] -
File ID: 25170 Date: 07 Nov 2010 - 979 Downloads
Click to view more information [ bytes] -
File ID: Date: 01 Jan 1970 -  Downloads
Click to view more informationThis Train Goes Round and Round [1361653 bytes] -
File ID: 25166 Date: 07 Nov 2010 - 506 Downloads
Click to view more informationThe Bordon Branch [2553534 bytes] -
File ID: 25164 Date: 07 Nov 2010 - 955 Downloads

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