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Route Registry

The following is a list of a large number of routes available for Microsoft Train Simulator. They are organised according to the country they are set in, and whether they are freely downloadable (including from Subscription based sites such as UKTrainSim), Commercial (e.g. bought on the shelf at a shop) or Community/Donation CD (usually a low cost CD to cover the costs of distribution or to primarily make a donation to a cause such as a preserved railway).

If you are aware of any routes missing from this list please submit them to so that they can be added. If you can provide screenshots and other route information make up an information page about the route that would be great. Please also remember to say where the file can be downloaded from and whether it is a Downloadable, Community CD (i.e. covers the cost of distribution - this includes 'donationware'), or Commercial CD.

United Kingdom - Download

  • Northwest England 1.0 (See also v2.0 Community CD)
  • Airedale Line
  • Alston Branch (See also Trainsim.Org.Uk route bundle CD)
  • Blackpool Tramway 1.3 (See also Commmunity CD)
  • Caldervale Line
  • East Anglia - Harwich to Manningtree
  • Fableston Tramway
  • Fairly Up-to-date England ('FUDE')
  • Fife to Edinburgh (See also Scottish Central)
  • Glasgow to Carlisle
  • Glasgow North Electric
  • GWML v2 - Exeter to Plymouth
  • Hill Village
  • Lakeside and Sutton Railway
  • Edward Farms Loco Works
  • London to Southampton
  • London Underground - Picadilly Line
  • Thames Mersey 3.2 (See also Community CD)
  • Modern City Underground
  • Modern England
  • Mountain Pass
  • Piddington Light Railway
  • Peak Rail
  • Red Arrow Interurban Trolley Lines
  • Scottish Central
  • Rye and Camber
  • Stratford Midland Joint Railway ('SMJ') (See also Trainsim.Org.Uk route bundle CD)
  • Southwold Railway
  • Ayr to Stranraer
  • Thaxted Branch
  • Talyllyn 1.5 (Version 2.0 available, see Community CD)
  • Corris
  • UK Regional Rail
  • Warrington Railways
  • Shap Summit
  • Swansea - Carmarthen v1.1 ('Welsh Railways')
  • Welshpool and Llanfair
  • West Highland Stage 2 (See also Trainsim.Org.Uk route bundle CD)
  • Woodhead v2.2
  • South Eastern Branch Line
  • Steyning: Brighton to Horsham
  • Dorset Coast: Weymouth to London Waterloo
United Kingdom - Community CD
Sweden - Community CD
  • Inlandsbanen (Only on Trainsim.Org.Uk route bundle CD)
United Kingdom - Commercial
  • Cambrian Coast
  • Severn Valley Railway
  • Brighton to Portsmouth - West Coastway Express
  • Nene Valley Railway
  • London South East
  • London Brighton Express
  • West Somerset Railway
  • Swanage Railway
United Kingdom - No Longer Available or Superceded
  • Fictional ECML (see Mideast UK)
  • Ruabon Llangollen Bala (See Bala Hub)
  • Ruabon Barmouth (See Bala Hub)
  • Settle to Carlisle 1930's (See Skipton to Carlisle 1920's)
  • GNER East Coast Beta B
Ireland - Community CD
New Zealand - Community CD
United States - Download
  • Bear Mountain Pass State Forest
  • F1 Transit
  • San Diego and Arizona ('SDA')
  • Port Ogden and Northern
  • Sumpter Valley Railroad (the 'other' SVR)
  • DRGW narrow gauge
  • Marias Pass v3
  • Whitefish 5, Sandpoint & Eastport
  • Conrail Indy
  • Lehigh Valley
  • North East Corridor 4
  • Northern California
  • Ohio Rail
  • Santa Fe Raton Pass
  • Seattle
United States - Commercial
  • Scenic Railway [Abacus]
  • Michigan Iron Ore (Hoyt to Taconite Harbour) [Maple Leaf Tracks]
  • Sandpatch [Maple Leaf Tracks]
  • LTV Erie Mining Company (Hoyt to Taconite Harbour) [Abacus]
  • Tehachapi Pass 2 [3DTrainStuff]
  • Cajon Pass [3DTrainStuff]
  • The Bridge Line (Delaware and Hudson) [Maple Leaf Tracks]
  • Cascades Route [Maple Leaf Tracks]
  • Pacific Surfliner [Facing Point Media]
Canada - Commercial
  • Kicking Horse Pass 2 - [Maple Leaf Tracks]
  • Niagara Corridor - [Maple Leaf Tracks]
Canada - Download
  • CN Blackfoot
Germany - Download
  • Alpensee
  • Project Schweizerhof
  • Stadtbahn U79
  • Wupper Express 8
  • Harzeurbahn
  • Rollbahn (Bremen - Munster)
  • Rollbahn 1963
  • Werratal
  • Niederelbebahn
Germany - Commercial
  • Black Forest
  • Berlin - Stettin (Spree und oder)
  • German Railroads 2
  • Protrain 1 / Rhine Valley
  • Protrain 2 / Leipzig-Dresden
  • Protrain 3 / Stuttgart-München
  • Protrain 4 / Hamburg to Berlin
  • Protrain 5 / Berlin Dresden
  • Protrain 6 / Vogelfluglinie
  • German Railroads 1 Biggetal
  • German Railroads 2 Rollbahn
  • German Railroads 3 Werratal
  • German Railroads 4 Moselbahn
  • German Railroads 5 Rollbahn 1963
Sweden - Commercial
  • KMJ 3.0
Switzerland - Commercial
  • Heidi Express
  • Glacier Express
Australia - Download
  • Blue Mountains
  • Ballarat
  • Coals to Newcastle
Italy - Download
  • Ferrovia Centrale Umbria
  • Catania
  • Leopolda
  • Vapore in Toscana
  • Verona-Brennero
France - Download
  • La Ligna du Morvan
  • La Ligne Grand Sud Ouest ('LGSO')
  • LGV Atlantique ('LGV A')
  • LGV Med 3.0
  • Ligne 1
  • RER C
  • RER B
  • Rousillon
  • Etoile de Savoie
  • La Bosse - version 1.2.7
  • La Défense-La Verrière/Versailles RD
  • La ligne de la transversale version 2
  • La ligne du Y Grenoblois version 2
  • La Tarentaise
  • La Vallée de la Meuse - 1.0
  • Le Transaveyronnais
  • Ligne d'Indre & Loire
  • Ligne évocation Haute Somme
  • Ligne Paris - Epinay - Le tréport version 4
  • Ligne Paris-Cherbourg version 2.0
  • Ligne TER RHONALP'
  • Paris Rive Gauche version 1.0
  • RFSP : Réseau Ferré Souterrain de Paris
  • Route du soleil version 5
Nigeria - Download
  • Nigerian Route
Netherlands - Download
  • Amsterdam - Enkhuizen route v3
  • Den Haag - Schiphol
Austria - Commercial
  • Protrain Semmering
  • Protrain Tauernbahn
  • Protrain Karwendelbahn
Austria - Download
  • Semmering
  • Albula Line
Russia - Download
  • Demitrov route v2
Other - Download
  • Sea View 4

Scottish Central PLUS




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