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  • This route features complete track from Bradford Forster Square to Leeds. Trackwork from Shipley to Skipton is not included yet.
  • This release only has scenery between Bradford and Shipley, but has full signalling , platforms and speed limits along the route, meaning that Activities can be created realistically.
  • The trackwork was built using Tim Booth's excellent UK Finescale track set, making it look more like an authentic British railway. Due to tunnel sections not being available in release 1 of UKFS the Tunnel at Thackley is replace by a high-sided cutting. This will be changed for future releases of the route.
  • Although this is in many ways an incomplete route, I hope you will have fun with it anyway. If you knwo the route well, I hope the scenery already in place is accurate enough to simulate the experience of driving the route!

The Airedale Line is an electrified route linking Leeds with Airedale (obviously), with a branch line to Bradford Forster Square and a branch to Ilkley (called the Wharfedale Line). The mainline makes its way through pleasant countryside up into North Yorkshire. Services using this line are mainly Arriva Trains Northern's Class 333 EMUs on local services between Leeds, Bradford and Skipton. Arriva also runs diesel sets from Leeds past Skipton on services to Carlisle & Glasgow (via the Settle and Carlisle line) and to Morecambe via Lancaster. GNER run services to Bradford and Skipton at peak periods which run to/from London King's Cross via the East Coast Mainline.

Before installing the route please check:

  • You have all six of the routes that come with Microsoft Train Simulator installed.
  • You have downloaded both parts of the Airedale installation pack (plus the patch).
    Click to view more informationAiredale Line release 1 (part 1 of 2) [11565869 bytes] -
    File ID: 2900 Date: 01 Sep 2002 - 8417 Downloads
    Click to view more informationAiredale Line release 1 (part 2 of 2) [6913572 bytes] -
    File ID: 2901 Date: 01 Sep 2002 - 7600 Downloads
    Click to view more informationAiredale Patch [72674 bytes] - airedalepatch.exe
    File ID: 2909 Date: 02 Sep 2002 - 5235 Downloads
  • You have installed Tim Booth's UK Finescale Track.
    Click to view more information [ bytes] -
    File ID: Date: 01 Jan 1970 -  Downloads
If you have not done these first, the route will not work!

Done all that? Right...
1. Double click on 'airedaleinstall1' to launch it.

2. The installer is set up to put the route into into a default installation of MSTS. If you have your copy of MSTS installed in a different place on your hard disk, don't worry, let it install to the default destination for now, you can move it later.

3. If you are told the destination doesn't exist click 'yes'. Then click 'Start'. This will install the first part of the route.

4. Double click on 'airedaleinstall2' to launch it. Follw steps 2 & 3 again.

5. At the end of the install there will be a checkbox asking if you want to launch the Airedale Line. Make sure this is ticked and continue. This will launch the batch file which will install files from the routes that come with the game. Let it do its stuff. The window will either close itself or the text will stop scrolling, meaning you can close the window.

6. The Airedale line should now appear in MSTS. It may take a while to load the first time as it will need to 'load terrain buffers', this only hapens once. You will be able to explore the route straight away.

If the route isn't showing up in MSTS and you've followed all the above instructions, do the following:
- From the Windows Start Menu choose 'Search' and search for folders called 'airedale'. Once you find it, right click it and select 'copy'. Now search for a folder call 'routes'. Once you find it, open it and paste 'airedale' into it.

Many thanks to the following people, their 3D models and textures have been used in this route:
Steve Nicklin (
John Milligan (
James Hunt (
Ian Morgan (
Sean Lim ( Modern UK Office Building - Copyright (C) Sean Lim, 2002. Used with permission.

You can contact me, Martin Bryant, the route author at If you need help with installing or using the route you can alo post a message to the forums at Enjoy!

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