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Dorset Coast Questions and Answers
By James Porter
Date: 10 March 2006

Dorset Coast Version 3: London Waterloo to Weymouth, including Reading

London Waterloo Clapham Junction Eastleigh Yards Reading and Depot

Click any mini-map to zoom it to the bigger version

You must be aware that the London Area to Clapham Junction is very intensive. This is a problematic zone and so therefore the sim could crash. It is highly recommended that you turn most of your setting down (see below) in these areas. Once past these areas you can then turn your setting back up, as other areas are less intense. Another area is Eastleigh and Southampton, but these are not as bad, however, you still will probably need to turn your settings down.

Clapham Waterloo Weymouth Quay
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Q. What do I need to make it work?
A. Before you start, make sure that all six default routes are installed, if they are not then this route will not install successfully. The six default routes are contained in folders called: EUROPE1, EUROPE2, USA1, USA2, JAPAN1 and JAPAN2.

Ensure you have all the following:

Click to view more informationUK FineScale V3.1.6 [16893867 bytes] - ukfs_v3.1.6_full.exe
File ID: 11889 Date: 20 Mar 2005 - 45547 Downloads

Once UKFinescale is installed (make sure you have the latest 3.1.6 version) and just before you start with the route itself you should then install a new tsection.dat file just to make sure you've got the latest version installed.
This is good practice before installing any route, just to make sure nothing has over-written it.

Click to view more informationMSTS Standardized global tsection.dat file Build 00042UK [325489 bytes] -
File ID: 13758 Date: 05 Jan 2012 - 27627 Downloads

To install the route there are three separate sections to do, each should be done as if treating them as three separate route installs.

First, install Dorset Coast 3.3, beware: these are big files!

Click to view more informationDorset Coast Complete Route - File 1 of 4 [58585377 bytes] -
File ID: 14282 Date: 24 Mar 2006 - 18935 Downloads
Click to view more informationDorset Coast Complete Route - File 2 of 4 [57127843 bytes] -
File ID: 14283 Date: 24 Mar 2006 - 15500 Downloads
Click to view more informationDorset Coast Complete Route - File 3 of 4 [56511597 bytes] -
File ID: 14284 Date: 24 Mar 2006 - 14576 Downloads
Click to view more informationDorset Coast Complete Route - File 4 of 4 [58529418 bytes] -
File ID: 14285 Date: 24 Mar 2006 - 19080 Downloads

Assuming your Train Simulator is installed to the default location, extract each zip to C:\ and this will install the various parts to the right place. If you have installed your Train Sim to a different location then you'll need to extract to either a different drive or even to a temporary folder and manually move them across - but if you're using a non-standard configuration it's assumed you know roughly what you're doing! :)

Once installed you should then run the install1.0.bat that is in the C:\PROGRAM FILES\MICROSOFT GAMES\TRAIN SIMULATOR\ROUTES\DORSET folder (again, assuming default configuration). This copies objects from the default routes in to the Dorset route, you should see lots of "1 file(s) copied" or other similarly positive messages - if you see any errors of "0 file(s) copied" messages or the screen flies past very quickly this is an indicator that something might not have gone right.

Before proceeding, have a quick test and make sure Dorset Coast v3.3 is working.

Click to view more informationDorset Coast Route - Patch File 3-4 [4510766 bytes] -
File ID: 14738 Date: 20 Jun 2006 - 7657 Downloads

Extract this file to C:\ (again, assuming default Train Sim install folders) and this will put the last remaining fixes in to complete the installation.

That's it! You now have one of the best routes created for Train Sim installed on your machine! Please read through the rest of this page for other common problems just so you're aware in case any of them happen to you!

Q. I go into explore mode and there is no xyz Station in the List. Am I doing something wrong or was that station not included?
A. No, Dorset V3 comes with very few paths so you'll need to create some yourself. Go into activity editor and create a path which goes where you would like. If you do not know how to do this then it is recommended that you go to UKTS and look at the beginner's guide, you can get to it by clicking 'help' on the front page or even more simply by clicking here!
Additionally, there are some other 'work in progress' tutorials that might help which you can view by clicking here! These video tutorials are not completed yet but they should help you to understand more about what's going on particularly with regard to making paths (which you'll find in the activity creation videos).

Q. If I download V3 of Dorset, do 1 need V1, V2 and the patches?
A. You will need to download V1, then V2 and then V3. You do not need to install the V2 patch as they are included with V3. See the installation instructions at the top of this page for full install info.

Q. When will I be able to order it on CD?
A. While the download version is complete, it makes use of some items (scenery, locomotives, wagons etc) that can no longer be included in CD distributions. There is a group of people currently working to replace these items and once those are completed and some new Version 3 activities have been made (which we are working on very hard) then the V3 CD will become available, please keep an eye out on the front page of UKTrainSim for news about this happening as that's where it will be posted first.

Q. Will there be any difference between the download and CD versions?
A. No there isn't. The only difference is that the CD comes with activities and stock

Q. Will there be a V4?
A. Nope. Dave is a very busy man at the moment and so time is taking its toll! If time permits then there may be an extension somewhere. As it stands no.

Q. Iím having a problem with the sky loading
A. Make sure that the textured sky option box is ticked.

Q. When approaching Southampton/Eastleigh, Clapham Junction, London area, I get a load of "failed to load" errors and consequently the game either crashes or a lot of items such as the track are missing. Why is this?
A. When approaching these area's you should save the activity, exit the activity and then load the saved activity. The route is especially full after Clapham towards London. This takes itís consequences on computers and so ultimately crashes. Shots can be seen below for a good set of settings to have for that area. Ultimately if they do not work, then you should turn the World Objects Quality down and un-tick dynamic shadows. Then reduce the World objects Density to 5

Q. Dorset does not appear as a route in MSTS.
A. Have you run the BAT file in the Dorset route folder? Do you have UKFinescale installed? Re-read the install instructions carefully - if necessary, delete the Dorset folder and start again just to be sure.

Q. When I get near Southampton Docks I get a bunch of track missing (UKFS) errors.
A. Saving and reloading didn't help me one bit with this problem which happened in different places each time around the entrance to the docks railway. Turned the slider settings down for graphics and sounds

Q. When ever passing Nine Elms / Vauxhall, the sim crashes or freezes.
A. Between London and Clapham Junction the route is very Ďpackedí and so any activity is prone to crashing. It is essential that you turn many of your MSTS slider settings down from what they are.

Q. The Signalling between Vauxhall and Nine Elms do not work.
A. Well they do;but the bulbs have blown! Due to the MSTS lights limitation, when trains are present, the lights may go out. This does not happen all the time but it does depend on how many lights are in the tile. Train lights take priority and so therefore the signal lights go out. Remember that the 'blue flash' that you see on some third rail stock is done using lights so you may wish to select stock that does not have this effect if you want to run more stock in these busy areas and reserve the blue-flash stock for the quieter areas of the route where there are far fewer signals.

Q. During the game the simulator crashes for no reason.
A. A good idea is to regularly save it. If you are on a long run then save it after a while and then reload the activity. This will almost certainly help.

Q. When the game loads, it says Train World Initialization Failed. What do I do?
A. It means that you could have not possibly run the install batch file located in the directory of the route - C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\Routes\Dorset (where C: is the drive of installation). You need to double click on that. Some anti-spyware programs may prevent this from running, so you may have to temporarily switch it off/disable it and then double click on the file or accept the script to be able to run. NOTE: you will need to make sure that the 6 default routes are all installed. They also need to be available to MSTS, so if you have them in train store you need to make sure that they are un-stored before you run the file.

Q. When I load the route, MSTS crashes.
A. Go back and check the tsection and ukfinescale - if you're not sure then just re-install them both (details at the top of this page) - the most common culprit is the tsection file so try that one first as it's the smallest and easiest!.

Any other questions or answers please feel free to post on the forums at UKTS. If your problem is still not solved from the above then please do post on the forums and we will only be too happy to help you sort your problem out.

Happy Driving.

Best Wishes

James Porter
Dorset Coast Tech. Support

And the rest of the team...!

A selection of Screen Shots
Waterloo departure for Bournemouth, SWT Class 442 Chris Iveson
Basingstoke, Class 159, for Southampton Chris Iveson
Reading General. HST for Bristol and SWT 159 for Southampton in the bay Chris Iveson
SWT Class 455 Southampton Central Chris Iveson
Steam at Bournemouth Central, bound for Swanage Chris Iveson
Weymouth Town Station in the Rail Blue era Chris Iveson
Waterloo in the Network South East era Chris Iveson
A glimpse through the barrier at Waterloo Chris Iveson
Waterloo Network South East Era Chris Iveson
Waterloo Network South East Era Chris Iveson
Weymouth Quay Chris Iveson
End of the Quay down by the ferry Chris Iveson
Clapham Junction, Steam Era Chris Iveson
A busy day at Clapham Junction Chris Iveson
A busy day at Clapham Junction Chris Iveson
A busy day at Clapham Junction Chris Iveson
A busy day at Clapham Junction Chris Iveson
A busy day at Clapham Junction Chris Iveson

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