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Mideast UK

Building on the success of the former Fictional ECML the route has grown substantially and this CD brings together some of the premier modellers and content Creators currently on the UK trainsim Scene.

Map Courtesy of Bob Dawes

Route Content

New buildings and features from members of the community, including:

55003 "Meld" Passing Stevenage, one of the Non default Stations on the Route (loco by mark Shipman)

  • Tim Court
  • Ian Jenkins
  • Ian Morgan
  • Terry thornton
  • "The Highworth Team"(Paul Gausden, Mark Ollard (caldrail), saddletank, Robyn Howell)
  • Mike Simpson
  • John Milligan
  • Steve Nicklin
  • enocell
  • Rob Thorburn (Goingnorth)
  • Edmund Kinder

Retford has been modeled as closely as possible within the bounds of MSTS capabilities and has been co- modelled with Ian Jenkins a resident of the town itself.


Mideast has a mixed signal set with both Colour Light signals by Rob Thorburn and Semaphore Signalling by Edmund kinder.

Much of the photographic work has been provided for the route by community members of UKTrainSim.

Lincoln High Street crossing, from photos provided by Nolly, a UKTrainSim Community Member living in lincoln

Locomotives and Stock

44004 "Helvellyn" at Rufford, one of the many Collieries on the Route (loco by Paul Mitchell, Stock by Ian Morgan)

Provided for your enjoyment the CD features many Unique locomotives which are prototypical of the area the route Covers models by Kim Durose, Ian Morgan, Ian Jenkins, Paul Mitchell and Jame Hunt with some very special but important Steam Loco’s Provided by

Paul Gausden, Most of these loco’s have Cabviews by Bob Potts and sounds by Gary Cox

Below is a complete list of all the rolling stock that is included on the CD.

BOLD Denotes Exclusive to the CD


20187 - Kim Durose
47007 - Ian Jenkins
47163 - Ian Jenkins/ Daryn Dunkley
47170 - Ian Jenkins/ Daryn Dunkley
55003 "Meld" Mark Shipman
56006 - Ian Jenkins
56036 - Ian Jenkins
44002 "Helvellyn" - Paul Mitchell
45060 "Sherwood Forester"- Paul Mitchell
31156 - Kim Durose
Cravens DMU Class 105 - Richard Scott
D306 "Atlantic Conveyor" (Preserved Green) - Mark Shipman
DMU Cl 101 - James Hunt
Class 43 IC 125 - James Hunt
J94 "Austerity" NCB No5 - Paul Gausden
Littleton No4 Saddletank - Paul Gausden
****Bonus Extra Stock item****** - Dave Babb

Rolling Stock

The 1977 Royal Train - John Dibben
Mk1 Br Std Passenger Stock (Blue/Maroon) - Ian Morgan
BR Mineral Wagon Set - Ian Morgan/Paul Mitchell
Open Wagon Set - Paul Mitchell
MGR Hopper Wagon Set - Ian Jenkins
Redland Aggregates Stock - Mike Wilson
BR Parcel/News stock - Ian Jenkins
BR MK2 Passenger Stock - James Hunt

All loco’s and stock has been chosen specifically for the route and is typical stock for the tasks and traffic on the route.

The Route

Set in the period from 1977-80 The route runs from welwyn garden city in the south, up the ECML to Retford in the north, the middle section is the old Fictional ECML but the new sections at either end have been modelled from maps and BR track diagrams.

To the West we have Worksop and the North Midlands Coal field and to the east the line runs via Gainsborough down to the City of Lincoln and to peterborough Via Spalding.

Many existing sections of the old fictional ecml route have been reworked for better performance.

47163 In Jubilee Livery approaches Sleaford (Model-Ian jenkins, Reskin- Daryn Dunkley)

56 Hauled Merry go round Trains are Prominent in this area (West Burton Power Station)

The Terrain varies considerably from area to area, running from Rural Hertfordshire and the Cities of Welwyn up to Retford in the north and out to the Flat area’s of Rural lincolnshire and the Fenlands, the Coalfields are in Nottingham and Derbyshire with its rolling hills and forests, one Famous one –Sherwood forest is also included on the route, famous for Robin Hood and his Merry men!

New Industry is well represented and provides scope for many activities in addition to the ones included in the route, Coal is the main industry supplying the Power Stations in the north at Cottham and West Burton.

All entry and exit siding and Merry go Round Loops are featured in the power stations.

Coal Mines Featured on the route contain nearly all non default buildings and features, Famous Names in the coal Mining Industry are also featured with plenty of scope for using the 2 industrial tank loco’s provided.

Collieries included are , Thoresby, Welbeck, Clipstone, Rufford, Bevercotes and Manton near Worksop.

Keep an Eye out whilst driving the route for plenty of things happening by the trackside, People on bridges going about their daily business and also the Permanent Way crews out doing maintenance on the line.

Industrial Steam at Clipstone Colliery

Facilities for all the loco’s are provided on the route at various depots, most of the Coal Mines have facilities for Steam loco coal and Water.

The Route is the Culmination of 8 months work building on the former fict ECML, and is highly detailed throughout, it has also been tested for stability and will run well on most machines, however best results will be achieved on high end machines with at least 32MB Graphics card Capability.

This CD can be ordered for £4.50 UK Pounds Sterling from UKTrainSim, simply look over on the left for CD Ordering / CD Pre-Ordering and you will be able to get yourself a copy in the mail. The CD comes neatly labelled in a full Jewel case and will make a fine addition to your collection of addons for MS Train Simulator.

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