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South Eastern Branch Line

A fictional South Eastern railway Branch. It is aimed to give a light railway/branch line feel for all Southern Fans.

By Andrew Hardy

Overview Map

Westerford Junction



Maps produced by Train Sim Files Track Viewer

Download Details

Before you begin, make sure you have got UKFinescale track installed.

Click to view more information [ bytes] -
File ID: Date: 01 Jan 1970 -  Downloads

You will also need to have Winzip 8.1 or newer, you can download this from Other unzip tools (such as the one built in to Windows ME and XP) will probably not work with this archive due to its creation as a "spanned zip".

Now you need to download all parts of the archive:

Click to view more informationSouth Eastern Branch Line Part 1 [4605860 bytes] - South Eastern Branch
File ID: 11521 Date: 05 Feb 2005 - 4319 Downloads
Click to view more informationSouth Eastern Branch Line Part 2 [20971520 bytes] - South Eastern Branch Line.z01
File ID: 11522 Date: 05 Feb 2005 - 3680 Downloads
Click to view more informationSouth Eastern Branch Line Part 3 [20971520 bytes] - South Eastern Branch Line.z02
File ID: 11524 Date: 05 Feb 2005 - 3455 Downloads
Click to view more informationSouth Eastern Branch Line Part 4 [20971520 bytes] - South Eastern Branch Line.z03
File ID: 11525 Date: 05 Feb 2005 - 3128 Downloads
Click to view more informationSouth Eastern Branch Line Part 5 [20971520 bytes] - South Eastern Branch Line.z04
File ID: 11528 Date: 05 Feb 2005 - 3230 Downloads

When downloaded you will have:

UKTS_11521_South Eastern Branch
UKTS_11522_South Eastern Branch Line.z01
UKTS_11524_South Eastern Branch Line.z02
UKTS_11525_South Eastern Branch Line.z03
UKTS_11528_South Eastern Branch Line.z04
The first thing you need to do is make sure Windows isn't hiding anything - with these filenames that do not end in a ZIP or EXE extension, Internet Explorer has a tendency to automatically (and silently) add one on; which will make our lives a lot harder. Go in to Windows Explorer, click on 'Tools' and then 'Folder Options' and select the 'View' tab.

Now look for 'Hide Extensions for Known Filetypes' - if this is ticked then CLEAR it, it's a big pain!

Now, re-check your files and verify they are the same as shown above, if they are not then remove any additional extensions that might have appeared so they match what is above.

Next we need to rename the files, so remove the UKTS_11521_ bit (changing the number appropriately) so you have just got the South Eastern Branch Line bit before the extension; you should end up with:

South Eastern Branch
South Eastern Branch Line.z01
South Eastern Branch Line.z02
South Eastern Branch Line.z03
South Eastern Branch Line.z04
Now you can double click on South Eastern Branch and extract the file to your Train Simulator 'routes' folder. By default this folder is in C:\PROGRAM FILES\MICROSOFT GAMES\TRAIN SIMULATOR\ROUTES.

When you unzip it, Winzip will extract all of the files automatically.

Once the files have been unzipped to the right place you should go in to the routes folder and find the new 'South Eastern Branch Line' folder. Inside that you will see 'installme.bat'. You should double click on this file as this copies a number of required objects from the six default MSTS routes along with copying some of the objects internally around in the route folders - this optimisation is performed prior to upload in order to save download size as much as possible.

You should see a black DOS/Command box pop up for a little while copying files, messages should appear along the lines of:

1 File(s) copied
1 File(s) copied
1 File(s) copied
1 File(s) copied
1 File(s) copied
If you see '0 File(s) copied' then this means you do not have some of the required routes installed - please re-verify that you have all six default routes installed.

Once the installme.bat has finished it will close and your route is now ready to run!


Click to view more informationUnofficial Patch for South Eastern Branchline [49817 bytes] -
File ID: 11536 Date: 06 Feb 2005 - 531 Downloads

Suggested Rolling Stock

Click to view more informationSE & CR O1 [1414336 bytes] -
File ID: 10054 Date: 27 Aug 2004 - 2295 Downloads
Click to view more informationSECR P class 0-6-0 No 27 [407646 bytes] -
File ID: 4819 Date: 12 Feb 2003 - 1484 Downloads
Click to view more informationSECR 3 Coach 'A' Set [1654562 bytes] -
File ID: 11410 Date: 24 Jan 2005 - 1748 Downloads
Click to view more informationSE&CR Wagon Set [1026459 bytes] -
File ID: 10871 Date: 25 Nov 2004 - 1306 Downloads
Click to view more informationSR (Late) Ex SECR 50ft [1295965 bytes] -
File ID: 11624 Date: 16 Feb 2005 - 3581 Downloads

There is also a matching brake van for the wagons from Decapod's web site:



Scottish Central PLUS




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